Scientific Project Management- Managing Projects With Impact, Excellence, And Eficacy

24/4, 26/4, 2/5, 29/5 and 12/6

In this course we will introduce the basic concepts, techniques and procedures of Project Management. We will learn the vocabulary and general guidelines and understand the process in its entirety. The course aims to offer a very broad and general vision of the Project Management framework, and the assimilation of concepts will be achieved combining theory and practice and with Collaborative learning through the preparation of practical cases in groups, always with a hands-on approach. Every participant will work in their own project and will leave the course with some work already done with it.

Participants are expected to actively contribute to their respective projects, guaranteeing that they finish the course with tangible progress already achieved. This is not a course to sit down and take notes, you will learn by doing, learning and sharing with your colleagues.

Target: anybody with interest in knowing the basics of project management and apply them in their science projects, their career or their personal life. In this fourth edition, we will give priority to participants that are part of a technical office (KTT; HR, communication, admin), core facilities, admin roles, or other types of scientific staff. Predocs, postdocs and group leaders are also welcomed to register.

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Iolanda Marchueta


In person


24/4, 26/4, 2/5, 29/5 and 12/6

Price (VAT included)

500€ internals (750€ externals)


Transferable skills


Junior GLs, Postdocs, Predocs, Senior GLs, Support services staff


Recinte la Maternitat, Pavelló Garbí




The course is organized in 5 sessions of 5 hours each, from 9:00 to 14:00.

Day 1

  • Welcome, Introduction and calendar
  • Project Management Fundamentals

Day 2:

  • Project Management Toolkit: What is a project? Phases of a Project, Triple constraints, Project Planning, Team, RACI, Risk management, problem solving, lean-agile mindset

Day 3:

  • Project Management Toolkit: Monitor and control, PDCA, continuous improvement, ecosystem, communication, urgent-important, reporting, closing, lessons learnt

Day 4:

  • Learning by doing: Each group or individual will choose one or multiple tols and apply them into their day-to-day work

Day 5:

  • Competition Day: Each group or individual will defend their projects in a elevator pitch competition in front of a jury

Participants are expected to attend all sessions. All sessions need to be attended in order to receive a certificate.

If you are from one of the BIST research centres, it is possible that your centre is covering your fee. If not covered by your centre, you may still have the option to pay for the course, if seats are available.

For any further information, please contact the HR/Training/Talent representative of your centre or send an email to

A great opportunity to take the an immersive course in project management, given by an expert that will bring a plethora of tools and valuable knowledge to understand how to deal with Project Management. No matter if you are in academia or industry, this course will have a direct impact on your daily work (and life). It will change your mind.